Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Usage With Tone Excel

Ever wondered how you can make your mobile phones work for you? mobile usersThis is now possible with the Tone Excel program. After its partnership with Tune Talk back in 2010, the company has been consistently providing its network with financial freedom through their own mobile phones.

This program by Tone Excel is open to all the prepaid sim users who are looking into their own source of side income. After purchasing a Tone Excel sim card, the users simply have to register their sim with Tone Excel, in order to activate their account. Tone Excel sim is only for RM90, but the benefits are limitless. Once activated, users can start topping up their sim, and at the same time invite more people to take a part in the program, which will likewise contribute to your sim top up.

The Tone Excel program is being ran on a commission basis. This is exactly how an average prepaid sim user can start earning. For a minimum of a top up of RM20, a registered user can already earn a commission. This is credited straight to the bank account, a completely hassle free process of earning extra money. Bank account details will be asked during the registration process, so make sure you input the information correctly to avoid problems during your first commission payout.

Apart from the regular commission offered for every RM20 top up, Tone Excel biz members can also avail a fast track bonus by simply earning referral points. To do this, a member will simply have to invite as many people as possible who will get into the Tone Excel program, as well. It’s really a win-win concept, considering that you get to introduce friends, family members, and colleagues to a program that will provide them extra income, and at the same time you get to have a bonus by helping them. With more than two million mobile users in Malaysia, reaching a referral target seems totally likely.

How Do I Get Them To Join Me?
Sure, Tone Excel is without doubt an enticing and effective platform for earning money, which means that a lot of people will probably not hesitate to join it. However, the main catch now is how to make sure that these interested mobile users join Tone Excel through you?

This is where strategic marketing comes in. While income in Tone Excel is definitely passive, working a little harder than the rest will still result to higher income. With the promising benefits awaiting for the prolific members of Tone Excel, it’s definitely worth the effort to try and incorporate marketing strategies in your own Tone Excel Account. One of the most commonly used strategy is by creating an affiliate website. This website is legit enough as this will be recognize by the Tone Excel Group itself. Through this website, a member can easily market the benefits of Tone Excel program in his or her own words, through his/her own story. Other than this, promotion of the program can be done through other platforms including social media, text blast, and email marketing. The mobile user market in Malaysia is huge and is steadily increasing. What’s important is having a consistent, creative, and sincere marketing campaign to get more people, even outside of your immediate circle to believe you.

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